Each year Green Seattle Partnership holds its largest restoration event and celebration during Green Seattle Day.  This year Colman Park was one of the sites selected for Green Seattle Day. Building on all the work we did in April, planting was accomplished in some of the same areas of upper Colman. 



We embraced a rainy day along with 90 volunteers in order to plant hundreds of plants, make new friends and improve the park. This was our second large event this year and it was a blast. Photos and more details to come.



Evan Wright

Colman Park Steward




To everyone who participated in last week’s Earth Gay event in Colman Park—Thank you! Thanks for taking time out of your weekend, venturing into an unfamiliar park, banding with other fabulous folks to pull ivy, remove blackberry, and make new friends. We continue to be in awe of the amount of work that was done. 



What we accomplished in a day was equal to the amount of work that was done in a whole season last year and your efforts helped make this one of the most successful work parties we’ve had. We loved getting to work with all of you and hope that you’ll come back to join us for future work parties!



Adam O’Sullivan

Colman Park Steward